Chips and Tails Workshop

With objects that learn about our homes and environments or need to be taught about routines and habits, the way we interact with devices and machines will more and more start to look like the one we have with pets.

The relationship we have with Roombas, drones, cameras and thermostats might become closer to the one we have with dogs, cats, and birds. What products and services could be sold in a shop where pets are not only animals?

Chips & Tails is a near future pop-up store where people can buy toys, treats, medicines and services for their non-animal pets. Through a workshop with 20 artists, designers, writers, veterinaries and dog lovers we imagined, prototyped and packaged over 40 products and services.

This project’s format is inspired by 99c futures by The Extrapolation Factory and is a continuation of the work of the Teacher of algorithms

The products

The service offerings