We are a design and research studio based in Shanghai consists of Simone Rebaudengo, Matthieu Cherubini, Saurabh Datta and Lorenzo Romagnoli. We combine our pasts in computer science, product design and electrical engineering to work on the fringes of product and interaction design.

Our work focuses on exploring the next evolution of what interaction design might mean.

Bridging and blurring physical and digital interfaces, digging deeper into algorithms and behaviors of products, translating complex black boxes into interfaces and using connectivity and intelligence as new materials to be shaped.

We research and develop future products and interfaces, sometimes real and sometimes fictional.

We collaborate with studios, companies, and institutions to envision what happens when emerging technologies hits reality. We can talk fluently to both people and machines, but we like machines more.

We also teach and talk a lot about machines, mundane appliances, and dogs…with very painful accents.

If you have a future to explore or if you are just scared of it, contact us.

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